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I started this business about 11 years ago. I ´ve been all over the world and learned so much,

only to find out that you can´t learn the most important asset in this industry which is creativity and the ability to think outside of the box.

It´s a talent, a gods given gift, which made me realise that I was meant to do this.

A unique and modern business concept to provide the best quality of our services, turnarounds and affordability for our clients.

"I strongly believe that the regular structure of a branding agency which rents out an expensive office and hires multiple full time employees is in a sense outdated in the year that we are living in. I like to refer to my professionals as free agents. My goal was to build a network that consists of the best in the industry, build a long lasting relationship with them and hire them when needed.

This concept provides me the ability to always make sure that I am working with the right individuals on the projects that fit them perfectly and most importantly makes it possible for me to offer my clients more attractive pricing for top notch services simply because I don´t have to cover the expenses that big agencies have to.

On top of that, our availability is unbeatable! I am a fan of hard work and understand that sometimes projects have to turn around quick. Therefore I am always making sure that we meet seemingly impossible deadlines, even if it means that we have to work on holidays, weekends and at night, which is when I am personally most creative anyway."


Nico Paflitschek, Founder and CEO of kaosvision.

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Nico Paflitschek

Founder, CEO, Art director

Nico´s journey started in Kempten south Germany a small town on the edge of the alps where he grew up and found that his only interests lied in sports and arts. He started skiing when he was only two years old, played hockey, basketball, american football, kite surfed and snow kited where he became junior world champion at the age of 15. After suffering from multiple injuries he had to stop his career in sports and started focusing on his art. From this day on his life was ruled by graffiti writing, air brushing and music. He went to art school in Ulm, Germany and moved to NYC when he was 18 years old. He started a clothing line, began to tattoo and created artwork for famous musicians. Shortly after that kaosvision. was born and the first commercial clients caught interest in his branding abilities. A few years later he had the opportunity to fly out to Bangkok, Thailand to work closely with an renewable energy start up. One year later his ambition made him move back to Germany where he expanded his clientele. Although things were going great and his business grew fast Nico wanted more and relocated to Los Angeles, California to expand his growth even further while managing to keep all his clients in Europe. Nowadays he finds himself living in West Hollywood permanently, while traveling to Germany multiple times out of the year to run his business in both countries.

At home in the Hollywood hills

Since the summer of 2019 we are fortunate enough to call the world famous Laurel Canyon in West Hollywood, CA our home & headquarters. It was the first & last property Nico ever checked out.

"The undeniable importance of a creative workspace that lives and breathes inspiration is crucial in this industry & we could´t be happier with this choice."

We are looking forward to inviting you to our special place and can´t wait for you to get inspired to either better your businesses strategy & appearance or start building from scratch. See you soon!

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