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goldhofer. What originally started as a forge back in 1705 is now a globally operating company with outstanding, comprehensive experience and powers of innovation. Every day goldhofer now forges plans to develop extremely robust and intelligent solutions for on-road, off-road and airport operations for heavy-duty transport and special cargo haulage. They are well known worldwide with their international reputation for effective solutions in the challenging field of heavy-duty transport and special transport.


Fair booth design


The design of trade show booths is crucial in winning over new clients and the first impression even from far is key. We are specialising in grabbing your potential clients eye and providing him/her an easy to navigate but still outstanding experience.


We also made it possible to provide an interactive experience for the visitor and added a test driving area next to the main building.

To capture the feeling of entering a plane we added a staircase up to a platform that provides an overview over the test drive area and more. On top of that we placed an aircraft like door and windows to the upper section.

This corner was made to grab the clients eye from far. An abstract watchtower with the logo placed on top and a big flatscreen TV next to it guarantees this set up to stand out between thousands of companies.

The fair

The design displayed here was created for the IAA (the leading mobility trade fair) and Goldhofers goal was to show off their 2019 airport transportation vehicles.

From the idea


After brainstorming we wanted to create an all around airport feel and experience in a modern and abstract way. We wanted to base every single shape and module of the building on typical airport parts.

To the execution


On the left side we added an abstract "watch tower" in black to grab the crowds eye from far and much more. To round it all up we navigated through out the whole area with typical signs an airport would have and put the staff in flight attendant and pilot inspired gear. Invitations were designed in the style of well known plane tickets.


The future zone is a designated room within the main building which is fully blacked out and demonstrates whats to come in the future in the airport transportation business. Reflecting mirrors which make up the walls, ceiling and floor give it an unique, futuristic feel and experience. Picture frames which are being lit up from the back represent Goldhofer´s products in the best way. Three interactive touch screen displays pull the visitor in and project the airport of the future.


Logo base

Symbol of eternity:


Expresses the ultimate sustainability.


Add on left



Expresses the ultimate sustainability.

Add on middle 1

Part of Goldhofer G:


To establish the connection to Goldhofer the brand.

Add on middle 2



Is often used in connection with sustainability. (Circle)

Add on right



Portraits the engineering. Goldhofers daily investment to produce sustainable products.


Vehicle wrapping


We are capable of designing outstanding car wraps. Weather it will cover the whole vehicle or only parts of it, we will deliver it from the idea until the finished product. One of our favourite things to do is to see super happy and satisfied clients when the car gets delivered in it´s new dress.



To round up the whole airport feel we clothed the staff in aircraft inspired attire.

Brochure Design


Eye catching layouts which are still easy to follow are key to engage the reader. Simple but outstanding print design with a consistent flow through out the whole brochure combined with breath taking pictures and professional picture editing will help you sell your product tremendously. This is how we got started and is definitely still one of our specialties.




Illustrations are a different and very effective way to design. Vector files can get blown up to any size you wish without sacrificing the quality of the image. Weather it´s very straight forward or cartoon style we will deliver totally unique pieces of art.



Before editing


After editing

Picture Editing


Setting up the right photoshoot could sometimes be very expensive and time consuming. In that case another option to achieve whats wanted is professional photo editing.